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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wowzza its been awhile!

I MISSED yall soooo much and I have been a very BAD girl lol... hope you can forgive me =) I haven't updated my blog in theeee longest and I wanna thank yall' for sticking with me! Trust & believe it IS appreciated. Ok ok ok now n' case you missed it this is the most recent video posted and I have reviewed VATIKA coconut oil by DABUR ~~~>


Some of the MANY benefits of coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil is used as a NATURAL conditioner for hair
  • Ordinary shampoo formulations results in protein loss during washing. =( Coconut oil can minimize protein loss, as it contains the medium-chain triglycerides that can pass through the cell membrane and waterproof the scalp and hair.
  • Contains Vitamin-E which keeps scalp and skin healthy and hair rejuvenated!
  • Coconut Oil also has a high moisture retaining capacity, since it is not broken down easily nor evaporated, being very stable. It does not let moisture escape thus keeping hair moistened and soft. This prevents breakage of hair. =)
Coconut oil has also softened my hair texture & made it extremely managable! I must say that I like REGULAR extra virgin coconut oil because I prefer the smell of that compared to VATIKA's ! Litrally when I apply it to my hair it is INSTANTLY soft! I usually pre-poo, and deep condition with this oil. I ocassionally use the oil to "seal" my hair as well! I will be posting a vid later tonight so be on the look out!!!!!!

Grade : A++

~if you knew betta' you'd do betta' !~ XOXO, LAUREN