The Squad!

Monday, December 21, 2009

SANTA's LIL Helper...

Hey guys ... sorry iv'e been M.I.A for a koool min! Life has just been stupid hectic, and I have been very tried recently.. NO IDEA WHY haha think my diet needs to change a bit.. I HAVE NO ENERGY! uugh

Anyways on to a better subject.. i posted a new HOLIDAY tut. and here it is.... *drumroll please*.....

Yeah yeah & yeah.. i have A LOT of catching up to do... awards to accept.. thoughts to post.. looks to show ..and questions to answer...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!haha ill update again 2night & get the ball rollin'!
Adios for now =)
xoxo, lauren

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello my Loves,
Once again, and I hate to say this, I am sorry that I haven't updated much! As usual life is just very hectic at the moment.. but I cant' complain. Anywho I've just posted a hair tut. on youtube and I wanted to talk about the makeup that I wore in the vid. I Just LOVEDDD how it came out:
  1. Milani Color Brilliance pencil in Aqua (waterline)
  2. Woodwinked (lid)
  3. Embark (crease)
  4. ricepaper (highlight)

***** Random ==== Then the lil' bro & sis joined me 4 an inpromptu photo shoot!:

well I have to update you guys on everything else but it's LATE so ill save that 4 2morrow! Love Yall..
xoxo, Lauren

Friday, October 02, 2009


Hello My Loves,
I hope all has been well with each & every1 of you !

IM SUPER late posting this buttt I still wanted to share w. you all... I LOVE this collection! I was beyond impresssed with MAC..and IM VERY happy w/ my purchases =) Any who I picked up a few things & im def. going back for MORE!

  • Cinderfella
  • Young Punk
  • Night Violet Mattene Lipstick
  • Blackfire Glimmerglass
  • Creme Allure Dazzleglass Creme

Go give the collection a look if you haven't done so already!
xoxo, LAUREN

Friday, September 11, 2009

HEaVy RoTatiOn......

Hello my Loves,

Im sooo lovin' this song! Solange killed it =) I LOVE when people express who they are and embrace there individuality! With so many people tryin to fit into the latest craze and the latest fashion this is really a breath of fresh air! Esp. with all this BULL that's on the radio now-a-days what happened to all the REAL MUSIC??? it's about being a JERK and dumb ass songs like "halle berrryyy" or the "do the kim kardashian" ummm excuse me that is NOT music it's cute lil catchy hooks... and if you think about it
SAME song+ diff. name+ diff. beat= OLD NEWs ..
im not sure about yall but i much prefer that music that just touches you and has a message behind it & makes you think! Guess im just that type of person..
Anywhoo ..Enjoy Yall =)
xoxo, Lauren

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sorry I have been M.I.A for the past week. I have just been going through a lot of family issues... & on top of that it's been way to hot for me to even THINK about putting on makeup!... My friend Arlin put me on BLAST and said " yeah yeah what happened to your 4 posts a week" LMAO.. SORRRRY YOU GUYS.. but FAMILY COMES 1ST!!!

i have something VERY funny coming up! It will be up on youtube 2night ! 4SURE

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Memory....

Wow.. cant believe it's been 8 yrs! You truly were 1 in a MILLION!
I can still remember dancing around the house 2 your music videos!
Your music lives on & you will never be forgotten!
R.I.P Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1/16/79-8/25/01

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey my Loves,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mines was amazing! I kicked it the whole time w/ the boo...but 2morrow it's BACK 2 WORK!... it's all good in the hood because my manager is on VACA! so yay 4 me =)
...ANY WHO...
I've been getting quite a few requests for smokey eyes recently so this is what I came up with =)
It's fairly easy but i sugguest a better base because NYX CREASES!!!! anywhooo here's some FUNNY pics :
Last pic's 4 the hataaaaaa's <3
have a great MONDAY & Don't let any1 take you eyes off your goal!

xoxo, Lauren

Friday, August 21, 2009

& THE WORLD keeps SpiNNin....

100+ Followers!!!!!
OMG!! i reached 114 followers to be exact lol! I am so excited & want to say THANK YOU all for the LOVE & SUPPORT. You guys are the GREATEST!! I have so many more posts coming and I hope to keep yall interested. I am going to try & start posting at least 4x's a week ( hopefully) lol .... but YEAH just wanna say THANK YOU!!!! ILY

***A message 2 the haters***

OK so let me start by saying WOW! you hater's never cease to amaze me! I have been reading a couple of comments on blogger as well as my youtube & I MUST say ........"GET A LIFE"....... I am NOT nor have I ever been a dumb chick; but I cant for the life of me understand why you would want to tear somebody down!?! WTF!!! it's pathetic. You ladies seem to have gotten your wires crossed & started thinking that I CARE about what the next person would have to say about me! NEVER HAVE & NEVER WILL its just not me =). I just feel like you HATER's need to be taken down a notch and put back in ya place! HENCE THIS POST: As for the LAME "compliment/insult" comments please KEEP THEM. (simple as that). As for the "FAKE" comments please DO NOT try and tell ME about ME!.. that is the dumbest thing I've EVER heard.. As far as my hair goes ( since that's the only thing on y'all pigeon ass brains??!!??) NO I DO NOT HAVE A PERM!!! i keep it real, if I had one i would say it, i see no problem in having 1 ...same as if i had a " full sew-in" if i had it then I would say it ..again it's nothing bad about it!! ... but what BLEW MY MIND is then they have the audacity to end the comment with "PEACE & LOVE"???????.. <----ummm no sweetie that's nothing but HATE!!! but i expect it because naturally your a hater =) an "ANONYMOUS"hater lol<-- Take you own advice &be real about who you are instead of judging the next person!

I guess I'll end this post with a question for y'all to think about!. In the word's of MARIAH.........."WHY YOU SO OBSESSED WITH ME???"

xoxo, Lauren

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lions, Tigers & Bears....

I'm Not sure no/ I'm not sure....

But if we never try we'll never know/

It's better to have loved then not to love at all/

Not trying is worse, then to stumble & fall/

& if we do/ I'd rather it be with you...

Cuz @ least there will be SWEET MEMORIES.......

-Jazmine Sullivan

Hello My Loves,

Sooo remember when I told you ladies I was going through a POSSIBLE breakup?(thanx 4 all the love btw!) Well well well… where do I begin??

I ♥ HIM =) .....

He makes my day better, and he's THE FUCKIN BEST! (*sorry random DRAKE moment*) lol . I cant begin to count the ways that he is always there for me, when I'm flying off the handle and taking my day out on him he is STILL there… umm can we say “ SOLIDER” !!! ( don't get it twisted now... I'm there 4 all his DRAMA as well!) lol. We have been together for almost 3yrs now.. and I think we both got a lil’ tooo comfortable & we were taking each other for granted; not doing the lil’ things we used to do to make each other feel special! Anywho.. long story short, after being apart from each other, we have decided we are both in this relationship for the long run. I really couldn't imagine being with anyone else, because he is my BFF & Lover wrapped into 1 =) + he's the only one who actually understands my randomness & always laughs @ my jokes!... okay now im sounding all mushy and too girly so I wont bore y'all anymore...Just a lil' update !

xoxo, Lauren

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Apple MARTINI...

Sooo Here is the recent look I did inspired by the new Illamasque campaign ad! I saw it & fell in LOVE =) .. i tweeked it a lil' & made it into a more wearable look ! I hope ya likey.....

  • REVLON colorstay in CARAMEL
  • MAC: NC45 Studio fix powder
  • MAC : Coppertone blush

  • CoverGirl EyeSlicks :Cat's Eye
  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics : Aztec Gold
  • MAC : Saddle
  • MAC : Humid
  • MAC : Dreammaker
  • MAC : Feline Eye Kohl
  • HIP cream liner in Black

  • NYX liners in BLOOM & ESPRESSO


I know i have been slackin' on the posts... but i will update more frequently i PROMISE =) ...but anywho I was tagged by my girl Karen to list my 6 fav. BLUSHES !!! Here are my picks...

  • MAC : X-Rocks
  • MAC : Merriley
  • MAC : Coppertone
  • CARGO : Rome
  • NARS : Crazed
  • MAC : Format

Here's some swatches 4 ya ! * Swatches in order

  • I have been editing this 1 tut. for 2 days LMAO
  • Im watchin Roseanne =)
  • Just started a great book.. (tell yall bout' it l8ter)
  • I want 2 totally re-do my wardrobe!!! uggh but IM BROKE! haha

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Goodies & Birthdays =)


Today was my good friend HELENA's B-DAY ! Me & her have been working 2gether since Nov. and she is the BEST! She is so sweet & thoughtful, and the easiest person to talk to! My friend Arlin & I decided to surprise her for her special day... we bought balloons & a giant card , decorated her office with cute little birthday cutouts, and of course had the 7- Eleven ICED COFFEE's on deck ( our fav.) lol. Later that day her boyfriend surprised her by having a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a cute little teddy bear delivered. It was the sweetest thing EVER! She was so happy & that was a great thing to see because she really deserves it =)

SOOO... i FINALLY recieved my prize from Earthern Glow Minerals, for placing 2nd place in MUFFINISMYLOVERS 50's, 60, and 80's contest... if you missed it here is the link: .. butttt yeah so it was a couple of of mix-ups 1. When i finally placed my order the code didnt work.. 2. When the code finally work I guess it hadn't been approved by the staff so that took an extra 1 1/2 weeks , but i emailed DIANE on all occasions and she handled all my problems very quickly and was extremely professional! She ended up shipping my items the day after we spoke and i recieved my things in 2 days =) ... I CANT even complian IT WAS FREE!!! lol BUT I REALLY LOVE the colors they are sooo beautiful and pigmented.
Here are the colors: * = swatched
  1. *Mandarin Java - mauve/flesh tone neutral color
  2. *Juiced - a beautiful brunt orange/tangerine - LOVE IT!
  3. *Fijian Sands - where do i begin ?? Beautiful gold/tan color w/ just the right amount of shimmer
  4. *Caribbean Sea - AMAZING bright teal
  5. *The Rainbow - A gorgeous duo chrome; reminds me a lot of Vanilla pigment
  6. *African Violet - By far my FAV. color of the bunch, a beautiful royal purple!
  7. Promenade - very pretty minty green with gold glimmer
  8. Little 5 Points - sooo pretty with large gold glitter
  9. Mount Everest - very very amazing periwinkle with sliver glimmer
  10. Stunner - LOVE IT! creamy white w. sliver glimmer def. 4 the club!

and nowwww... some pics from the new tut. i just did =)
Alrighty my love's im outro to edit this dang on tut.


Monday, August 03, 2009

3 way...

Hey lovelies =) Hope all is well with each & everyone of you =) ! I've been in sort of a slump for the past couple of days due to a possible breakup... ( I say possible because you ladies know how that goes!) Annnywhoo I've been hanging out w. the moms to keep my mind off of things & i must say it has really helped!
Soooo.. on w. the agenda.....
I recently made an eyebrow tut. on youtube: & as promised here is what im wearing :

(all MAC unless otherwise stated:)
  • Fly-By-Blu Pearlglide Eye Liner
  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Caramel
  • Feline Eye Kohl -waterline
  • Studio Fix Powder in NC43
  • Take a Hint Tendertone / Nyx French Kiss
  • Milani : Java Brean in crease
  • Ardell 105 Lashes
  • Warmed skin finish

here is the FIT OF THE was HOT HOT HOT! so i decided to keep it simple and rock a plaid dress that i picked up from ROSS a while' ago for $10 bucks!!!! I love the way it fits *especially around the bust area =)!HAHA * and the earrings r from FOREVER 21!

& last but not least here's what my nail game is lookin' like as of late:
** I wanted something simple yet vibrant .. so this is what I came up with!...

I am LOVIN' this nail color =)...PERFECT for the SUMMA!

Sorry about the long post peeps ...but its 1am & im about to CRASH! sweet dreams =)
xoxo, LAUREN

Friday, July 31, 2009

It AIN't NotHING LIKE the 1st time.....

So i have finally gotten off my lazy butt, and decided to make a blog! I am actually SUPER excited to start this & have some fun. I LOVE makeup .. but i am soo much more then that ( as you will soon see on this blog). I am also very random... so Hey DONT SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA! .....

(what im eating right now! yummmm =) MINI TACOS & GUACAMOLE ! <-- The Bizzz'

^^^^^^ROUND 2 ^^^^!

*** LIL' TID BITS***
  • Im soo sick of my neighbor's (tooloud)
  • im currently watchin DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO
  • i realllly need 2 paint my nails
  • i kind of cant wait for skool 2 start again!
  • LIP TARS!!!! i neeed them in my LIFE.. grrrrrr
alrighty enough with my sha-nan-a-gins...! LET'S GO OUT & CONQUER THE WORLD!!!