The Squad!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey my Loves,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mines was amazing! I kicked it the whole time w/ the boo...but 2morrow it's BACK 2 WORK!... it's all good in the hood because my manager is on VACA! so yay 4 me =)
...ANY WHO...
I've been getting quite a few requests for smokey eyes recently so this is what I came up with =)
It's fairly easy but i sugguest a better base because NYX CREASES!!!! anywhooo here's some FUNNY pics :
Last pic's 4 the hataaaaaa's <3
have a great MONDAY & Don't let any1 take you eyes off your goal!

xoxo, Lauren


  1. laurn keep up the good work you got it going on and you are very informative luv it. as for the haters that is far as there life goes they have nothing else in life to do. just remember there are people that appreciate what you do toodles

  2. Love the new look of the site!
    And the "no evils" pics too!

  3. so pretty n gorgeous,love ur blog