The Squad!

Friday, September 11, 2009

HEaVy RoTatiOn......

Hello my Loves,

Im sooo lovin' this song! Solange killed it =) I LOVE when people express who they are and embrace there individuality! With so many people tryin to fit into the latest craze and the latest fashion this is really a breath of fresh air! Esp. with all this BULL that's on the radio now-a-days what happened to all the REAL MUSIC??? it's about being a JERK and dumb ass songs like "halle berrryyy" or the "do the kim kardashian" ummm excuse me that is NOT music it's cute lil catchy hooks... and if you think about it
SAME song+ diff. name+ diff. beat= OLD NEWs ..
im not sure about yall but i much prefer that music that just touches you and has a message behind it & makes you think! Guess im just that type of person..
Anywhoo ..Enjoy Yall =)
xoxo, Lauren