The Squad!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lions, Tigers & Bears....

I'm Not sure no/ I'm not sure....

But if we never try we'll never know/

It's better to have loved then not to love at all/

Not trying is worse, then to stumble & fall/

& if we do/ I'd rather it be with you...

Cuz @ least there will be SWEET MEMORIES.......

-Jazmine Sullivan

Hello My Loves,

Sooo remember when I told you ladies I was going through a POSSIBLE breakup?(thanx 4 all the love btw!) Well well well… where do I begin??

I ♥ HIM =) .....

He makes my day better, and he's THE FUCKIN BEST! (*sorry random DRAKE moment*) lol . I cant begin to count the ways that he is always there for me, when I'm flying off the handle and taking my day out on him he is STILL there… umm can we say “ SOLIDER” !!! ( don't get it twisted now... I'm there 4 all his DRAMA as well!) lol. We have been together for almost 3yrs now.. and I think we both got a lil’ tooo comfortable & we were taking each other for granted; not doing the lil’ things we used to do to make each other feel special! Anywho.. long story short, after being apart from each other, we have decided we are both in this relationship for the long run. I really couldn't imagine being with anyone else, because he is my BFF & Lover wrapped into 1 =) + he's the only one who actually understands my randomness & always laughs @ my jokes!... okay now im sounding all mushy and too girly so I wont bore y'all anymore...Just a lil' update !

xoxo, Lauren


  1. not mushy; just being real :) i know the feeling, me & mine made it so official w| our engagement. the feeling of love and being loved is one of the best feeling in the world! enjoy it cause you have found what so many are still searching for :)

    »v i s i t . m e | f o l l o w . m e;*

  2. Girl, I've been down that road. 3 yrs is too long to even think of break-up. I was in a 4+ yr relationship with baby on the way too & just like u we were getting too comfortable & taking each other for granted too. I wanted to keep it going for my daughter and because of all we've been thru. But I left it in God's hand and couldn't take it anymore with this man, but at the end of the day we are still great friends & terrific parents to our baby girl. For you girl, just pray, you aint sounding mushy at all, being in love is terrific and when u have that perfect someone who'll love u back & look beyond ur faults, it's a blessings. He's a cutie dear & cherish your relationship, your in my prayers!

  3. Im happy for u guys!! I was in a relatinship for 5 n a half years n we were pretty much like u guys, we took each for granted n things started to get too heavy... I decided that we should break up n we did it... I start going out w/ someone else n in a short time I notice that breaking up was the most stupid thing I ever did... cause we were just sooooo perfect together... Do u know that Jamie Foxx song Just like me??? That could be our song... heheh... So all I can say to u is hold on to him, but hold on tigher, cause the best thing in the whole world is to love n to feel that u r loved back!!! B happy u 2!!!


  4. OMG im so happy u guys are back on... Wish u the best you guys make a cute couple. God bless

  5. Glad u guys got everything worked out and are happy!

  6. That's great! I am happy you guys decided to stick it out.

  7. I know I'm late but...I just wanted to throw my two-cents in...I am soooo happy that you'll worked it out. I love to see ppl in LOVE..I wish you'll the best in your relationship.


  8. Super sweet!!! I hope it last.