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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Goodies & Birthdays =)


Today was my good friend HELENA's B-DAY ! Me & her have been working 2gether since Nov. and she is the BEST! She is so sweet & thoughtful, and the easiest person to talk to! My friend Arlin & I decided to surprise her for her special day... we bought balloons & a giant card , decorated her office with cute little birthday cutouts, and of course had the 7- Eleven ICED COFFEE's on deck ( our fav.) lol. Later that day her boyfriend surprised her by having a HUGE bouquet of flowers and a cute little teddy bear delivered. It was the sweetest thing EVER! She was so happy & that was a great thing to see because she really deserves it =)

SOOO... i FINALLY recieved my prize from Earthern Glow Minerals, for placing 2nd place in MUFFINISMYLOVERS 50's, 60, and 80's contest... if you missed it here is the link: .. butttt yeah so it was a couple of of mix-ups 1. When i finally placed my order the code didnt work.. 2. When the code finally work I guess it hadn't been approved by the staff so that took an extra 1 1/2 weeks , but i emailed DIANE on all occasions and she handled all my problems very quickly and was extremely professional! She ended up shipping my items the day after we spoke and i recieved my things in 2 days =) ... I CANT even complian IT WAS FREE!!! lol BUT I REALLY LOVE the colors they are sooo beautiful and pigmented.
Here are the colors: * = swatched
  1. *Mandarin Java - mauve/flesh tone neutral color
  2. *Juiced - a beautiful brunt orange/tangerine - LOVE IT!
  3. *Fijian Sands - where do i begin ?? Beautiful gold/tan color w/ just the right amount of shimmer
  4. *Caribbean Sea - AMAZING bright teal
  5. *The Rainbow - A gorgeous duo chrome; reminds me a lot of Vanilla pigment
  6. *African Violet - By far my FAV. color of the bunch, a beautiful royal purple!
  7. Promenade - very pretty minty green with gold glimmer
  8. Little 5 Points - sooo pretty with large gold glitter
  9. Mount Everest - very very amazing periwinkle with sliver glimmer
  10. Stunner - LOVE IT! creamy white w. sliver glimmer def. 4 the club!

and nowwww... some pics from the new tut. i just did =)
Alrighty my love's im outro to edit this dang on tut.



  1. LOOOOOVES IT LAUREN! But then again, I don't expect anything less from u!

  2. Decoration the office was fun =] and omg you got some free makeup and have not told me about it??? Well they look good and that look... SLAMMING!

  3. Happy Birthday Arlin!

    Always love a birthday @ work when you decorate.
    We decorate our cubicles also.

    You make up is FAB!