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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Im Backkkkkkkkkkk :)

Hey Ladies and Gents,
I finally logged on to this blog after dare I say it......... a year ;(  SHAME ON ME!!! I will definitely be posting more videos and content on this page and soon giving it a head to toe makeover. If you know any dope graphic designers please mention there contact info below (thanks in advance) I think Ill start treating this lil blog like my personal dairy, that way ill be able to express my self through writing and hopefully relate to you all on a more personal level. If there are any topics you wish for me to discuss please don't be shy & share!! Anyway here are a few of my recent videos straight from the tube! Enjoy XOXO

Im Bacckkkkkkk! & its Haul Time!!!

Show & Tell w/ Bee&G Fashion Boutique!!!!

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