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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The Obliphica hairline is ♥!

The shampoo is lovely with a powdery scent. It leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean but not stripped. It is not as moisturizing as my Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo, but still gets the job done. When cleaning your hair you do not need a lot of product at all! It lathers up nicely, has UV protection, and is PH balanced. Can we say AWESOMEness??   ^_^

MY FAV!!!! The  Obliphica hair mask is a holy grail item for me! This mask detangles, moisturizes, adds shine, and softens my hair!  Since using this mask I've noticed a change in the overall  health of my hair.  It is more manageable, bouncier, fuller, and I noticed I do not have to moisturize my hair as frequently (score)!  This is definitely a treat for your hair. I would recommend this mask to anyone with dry, chemically treated or damaged hair. Its the best I've tried so far =)

It has a creamy consistency but is not very thick. The orange color is all derived from the Obliphica plant.

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