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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yankee Doodles & 3rd Street

July 9th marked my Lil Bro's 18th birthday. He decided on Yankee Doodles! GREAT CHOICE. It was a celebration with family, friends , love & laughs. The food was amazing & overall it was a pretty kick ass day.

The "Appetizer Platter" $20
THIS was BANANAS.... it had hot wings, quesidillas, ribs, cheese sticks,  nachos, sour cream, guacamole, and ranch!

Lil Bro switched it up & had the Salmon & mashed potatoes ( trying to be healthy) lol

 We sang Happy Birthday @ our table and then BAM! the whole place started singing right along with us! LOVED IT


Not too shabby uh?

3rd street is a shopper paradise.. sooooo many stores & kiosk's  =)

w/my new necklace lol!

My fav store ZARA!!!

They even had kitty adoptions !!! TOO CUTE

I ended up picking up my brother a pair of TOMS in black for his Bday. I love that they match you, and send a pair of shoes to a disadvantaged child #WINWIN

 MY FAVORITE thing about 3rd street is the fact that there is soo much live entertainment. Excellent entertainment!! Most of the street performers are so good it surprises me no one has discovered them yet?! #HardKnock Life 

A very talented gentleman who could def. hold a note!

This lil' woman was breakin' it DOWN... she aint ready for me tho =)

If your ever in Santa Monica make sure you check out 3rd street. You wont be disappointed =)


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