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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hairstory, Hair Regimen & Hair Talk!

This has been a MAJA' request from my subbies, and I'm so happy to finally be posting my hair regimen!!! It has changed quite a bit since I first started my hair journey. I used to do this routine 2-3times a week and had a whole bunch of products in rotation.... BUT.... you live and you learn. I've learned how to listen to my hair,  my routine has simplified so much, and my hair is thriving! ENJOY!


Current Hair Regimen ~ Fall 11'

  • I wash my hair every Wednesday; middle of the week so my hair looks fresh for the weekend & on into the week =)
  • Trim/Dust ends every 2months.
  •  I moisturize daily & seal with an oil of my choice when necessary which is usually once everyday.

- Wash Day Wednesday -
1. Hot oil treatment for 30 minutes with an oil of my choice throughout the length of my hair, & on my scalp.

2. I then shampoo w/ Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo*** FAV or Oblicha Treatment Shampoo.

3. T-shirt dry & divide into 4 sections.

4. Apply *MOISTURIZING* DC throughout length of hair & scalp.

5. STEAM with DC for 1 - 1.5 hours , rinse and apply final rinse of cold water.

6. T-shirt dry,  apply serums/ heat protectant, detangle, Blow-dry or Air dry

7. Flat Iron, Pin curl, apply silk scarf/bonnet =)

*** I am extremely protein sensitive, so I Henna only when I feel its needed.


• I sleep in a silk scarf EVERY night. (Boo doesn't like it much LOL)

• The first couple of days, I like to enjoy my hair and wear it down. After I will keep my hair clipped up and my ends protected!

• I do not comb my hair much throughout the week to avoided unnecessary manipulation. I "finger-comb". I also rarely use a brush, and when I do it is a "boar bristle" brush.

• At night, I moisturize my hair , seal with an oil of my choice, pin-curl and cover with my silk scarf.
• Scalp massage 1x a week with oil of my choice.


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  1. Can you talk a little aboout exercising and maintaining your hair? I noticed you seem to be in shape. i am pretty active and don't usually starighten my hair for fear of ruining all my work by sweating it out. any advice you can give would be great!